Non-Chlorine Shock Granuals 2LB Single Bottle

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  • Non-Chlorine Shock Granuals 2LB Single Bottle
  • We do offer this Chemical in a Kit as well.. look for the kit in our store..
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Due to a Chemical Shortage the brand of this product will vary but the makeup of it will be the same..

This part is a 2lb Bottle of Non-Chlorine Shock Granuals only... This Chemical Replaces Super Chlorination and Destroys irritating & Odorous Chlormaines.. Will not Bleach Vinyl and Improves Water Quality.. 

We do offer this in a Kit and here is a how our system works.. Here is the system... There are (3) Total Ingredients the amount you use on the #1 Ingredient Chlorine Sanitizer is based on the amount of water in your tub.. If you have 500 Gallons use 8 Teaspoons a week, 3-400 Gallons use 6 Teaspoons a week and 300 or less gallons use 5 teaspoons per week.. The #2 Ingredient is Metal Control you will use 4 caps Weekly and the #3 Ingredient is NON-Chlorine Shock.. You only use this if you use the tub meaning no use in a week no #3 if you use it 7 days you use #3 all 7.. The most important part of this is consistency meaning you pick a day of the week and you add #1 & #2 on that day every time.. 

Note: This system is for normal use which is about 2-4 times weekly up to about 20 minutes per time.. It will not work for extended use like leaving the cover off and letting the kids play in it.. If you are doing those types of things You can still use this system but it will require a lot more chemical.. The purpose of this system to use the least amount of chemical it will take to keep the water clear no more and no less.. Also I do not use PH up or down and I don't test the water.. If you do this system and are consistent with it it works every time if you are not consistent it fails every time.. 


300 Gallons or less #(1) 5 Teaspoons weekly, (#2) 4 caps weekly and (#3) as tub is used.. 

 300 to 400 Gallons #(1) 6 Teaspoons weekly, (#2) 4 caps weekly and (#3) as tub is used..

400 to 500 Gallons #(1) 8 Teaspoons weekly, (#2) 4 caps weekly and (#3) as tub is used..

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