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WYE Plumbing Fittings

In this Category you will find PVC Fitting Wyes that are used in place of a Tee to make the water flow more smooth and help you gain power. These Wye’s can be used in certain configurations when space allows and it will help with the water transitions. This Wye can be found in a few combinations like a 2” Slip x 2” Slip x “2 Slip. In this case all three fittings sides would be the same size and would be accept a 2” pipe or fitting glued into each fitting hole. The inside measurement of each fitting hole would be 2 ⅜” and the outside measurement of the pipe would be 2 ⅜”. See the chart for the Size Conversion.

This is a chart for the outside of your plumbing pipes so you can figure out what size parts to order. Threaded parts normally measure what they say they are and are not based on the part that would be screwed in see the chart below. Note: The actual size a part is called is not the actual size of the hole in the part it is really the Inside Diameter of the pipe that would glue into that part which doesn’t make sense, since you cannot see inside the pipe. Therefore I am giving you the measurements of the outside of the pipe so you know what size part to order.  For example a part that is ½” plumbing would glue into would actually measure ¾” inside the hole of the part and on the outside of the pipe that glues into the part.<br>


Pipe Outside Diameter chart:<br>

½” Outside Diameter is ¾”<br>

¾” Outside Diameter is 1”<br>

1” Outside Diameter is 1 ¼”<br>

I have never seen 1 ¼” in Hot Tubs<br>

1 ½” Outside Diameter is 1 ⅞”<br>

2” Outside Diameter is 2 ⅜”<br>

2 ½” Outside Diameter is 2 ⅞”<br>


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