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Water Manifold Singles and Related Parts

This Category features Hot Tub Water Single Manifolds and Related Parts. These parts go between the Pumps and the jets in your Hot Tub and distribute the water from the pumps to the jets. The older tubs generally had glue in style maniofld meaning the hoses to the manifolds from the pumps glued in and the hoses from the manifold to the jet bodies where glued in. The more modern hot tubs still glue in from the pump side but most use barbs from the manifolds to the jet bodies with clear hose and clamps. The beauty of the new style is the virtual elimination of long term leaks and the ease of replacement if you have a problem like freeze damage. Kepp in mind when searching that you can replace the old style with the new style by ieht er gluing and clamping the clear tube from the manifolds over the old white pipe going to your jets if it is 1/2" (which would mearue 3/4" O.D. or by gluing in conversion barbs that would accpet 3/4" or 1" pipe and convert them to 3/4" Barbs where you would plumb from the the new manifold with clear tube to the old white flex pipe virutally eliminating the possibilty of future leaks. If you choose the old style manifolds and glue the old pipe back into them they will leak almost every time because the white flex pipe has shrunk up over the years and that is ptobably what caused the leaks in the first place on the glue in the old style manifolds. Feel free to contact us if you have questions about how to convert the old system to the new system. The Glue in fittings from the pump to themanioflds are normally 1 1/2" or 2" and rarely leak it is ususlly the smaller sizies that are on the pressure side that leak when the glued in style was used. To figure out what size manifold you need look at the shart below for size conversions. 


Note: When gluing New Valves to old plumbing you need to "Spin It To Win It" so you don't have any leaks so watch the video on glue techniques. Please don't be a drip, "Spin It To Win It"


This is a chart for the outside of your plumbing pipes so you can figure out what size parts to order. Note: The actual size a part is called is not the actual size of the hole in the part it is really the Inside Diameter of the pipe that would glue into that part which doesn’t make sense, since you cannot see inside the pipe. Therefore I am giving you the measurements of the outside of the pipe so you know what size part to order.  For example a part that is ½” plumbing would glue into would actually measure ¾” inside the hole of the part and on the outside of the pipe that glues into the part.

Pipe Outside Diameter chart:

½” Outside Diameter is ¾”

¾” Outside Diameter is 1”

1” Outside Diameter is 1 ¼”

I have never seen 1 ¼” in Hot Tubs

1 ½” Outside Diameter is 1 ⅞”

2” Outside Diameter is 2 ⅜”

2 ½” Outside Diameter is 2 ⅞”


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