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Barbs & Related Parts

This Category contains Barbs and Related Parts. Barbs can come in many different sizes and styles. They can be couplers, 90s, tees and they can also be pvc glue fittings or threaded fittings on one end while being a barb on the other end. A Popular Example would be a Wet End Pump Air Bleeder fitting that is ⅜” Barb x ¼” MTP (Male Pipe Thread). This fitting would measure on the ¼” MPT Side would measure about 7/16” to the outside of the threads and the ⅜” Barbed side would measure about ⅜” Outside of the barbs and would accept a ⅜” Inside Diameter Hose.


⅛” MPT = ⅜” O.D.

¼” MPT = 7/16” O.D.

⅜” MPT = 9/16” O.D.

½” MPT = ¾” O.D.

¾”” MPT = 1” O.D.

1” MPT = 1 1/4” O.D.


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