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Tubing , Clamps and Related Parts

In this Category you will find Clear Tubing, Clamps and Related Parts. The way you find out what size tube you need you would need to base it on the inside diameter of the tubing. An Example would be if you needed 3/4" tubing then you would look for 3/4" tubing which would measure about 3/4" Inside Diameter and about 1" Outside Diameter.

See the Chart Below for reference from the Inside to Outside Diameter:


Pipe Outside Diameter chart:

1/8" Tube = Outside Diameter of 1/4"

3/8" Tube = Outside Diameter of 1/2"

¾” Tube = Outside Diameter of 1”

1” Tube = Outside Diameter of 1 ¼”

Clamps would be measured by the Outside Diameter fo the hose you are trying to clamp.

An Example would be a 3/4" Tube would require a 1" Inside Diamnter Clamp because the Outside Diameter of the Hose you are clamping is 1" not 3/4" even though the hose is called 3/4". Remember Tubing size Names are based on the Inside Diameter not the Outside.




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