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Circulation Pumps Complete

This Category Features Circulation Pumps and Related Items. What you will need to know to pick the correct pump is the voltage either 115 or 230 Volt, then the connection style like a barb connector with a hose and clamp or a threaded connection. The barb style generally is either 3/4" which measures 3/4" on the outside of the barb which means the hose measures 1" on the outside of the hose or the 1" barb which measures 1" on the outside of the barb or about 1 1/4" on the outside of the hose that fits on this barb. On the Threaded syle the most common would be a 1 1/2" which would measure 2 3/8" across the threads then a 2" which would measure 3" across the threads then a 1" which would measure 1 7/8" acorss the threads and use standard style Pump Unions. The least common would be a 3/4" which has no union but would screw into a threaded fitting that gluse into other fittings. These last threaded styles are rare meaning you most likely have a 3/4" or 1" barb style or a 1 1/2" threaded style. The 3/4", 1" and 2" Threaded style are very rare but are out there. 

Note: Make sure you choose the correct voltage by looking at the tag on your original pump do not assume that you have a 230V because your tub is wired 230V you can just as easily have a 115V pump on a 230V system. If you have a 115V Plug N Play sytle system you can only have a 115V pump. What changes the voltage on the board is where the White Neutral wire is placed. If it is placed on Neutral then the pump is 115V if it is placed on the second leg of Hot 115V then the pump is 230V because two 115V's make 230V. 




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