Service Options Live Hot Tub Tech

Service Options Live Hot Tub Tech

If you are willing to do the work... The Spa Guy will provide his expertise
Solve Hot Tub Problems with Experienced Hot Tub Troubleshooting..

The Spa Guy has actually worked on Hot Tubs for almost 20 years. He is not just answering phones while sitting in a cubical with a stack of manuals. He has real world experience which he will draw upon to assist you in repairing your hot tub. This is a service for the Do-It-Yourselfer who just needs some technical assistance. Note: You will need basic tools and the ability to access the area with which you need help. If you are diagnosing electrical issues you will need a Voltage Meter. A Clamp style Amp Volt Meter would be helpful as well.


  • Choose an Option Pan Below
  • Take pictures and or video of the spa and the area of the issue
  • Complete the Form to set up a repair session. (The more information you supply, the better the process)
  • If parts are required, The Spa Guy will assist you in ordering the correct part.
  • Finally, The Spa Guy will assist you in verifying a completed repair and consult you on how best to avoid future repair concerns.

You provide the hands, He provides the Knowledge!!



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